Can't delete a user with user management dashboard

I’m using a “custom” database, MongoDB to store users, and they’re showing up in the “User Management”.

I click delete on the user and get “Error: There was a problem deleting

I google and find this: Can't delete a user - #2 by stephanie.chamblee which tells me to use this endpoint:


So I get my api token and put it in the “Set api token” button. I enter the ID of the user, and click “TRY” underneath “test this endpoint”. My result is this:

request URL:

Response code: 400
Error: bad request

something about needing a connection id.

So I go and find the database connection id. enter that, and try deleting the user and I get 204 no content.

this is unbelievable it shouldn’t be this hard to delete a user.

Hi @john20,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Before we continue, could you please clarify if you have implemented the Delete script in your Custom Database Action scripts?

And could you please share the errors found in your Auth0 Tenant Logs caused by this event?

Thank you.

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