Can't delete a user

I have a user that no matter what we try we get an error when trying to log in with that account. I searched the users for that user and tried to delete it and even though it said user was deleted, they continue to show in the list, so I am unable to get rid of them in the list. However, if I try to click on the user it says user deleted. Since I have no way to contact support, how can I go about getting them removed fully so I can see if that is why they can’t login.

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Could you send the error you are seeing when the user tries to log in?



It looks like the user is a database user. You may want to try deleting them through the Management API’s
/api/v2/connections/{id}/users endpoint

Here is how to get a token that is used in the “SET API TOKEN” on the top left of the Management API docs page so that you can make the request: Get Management API Access Tokens for Testing

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