Users deleted via management API continue to exist

Seems to be the exact same issue as here: API created User delete not working

That one is closed and not accepting new replies.

Same steps to reproduce:

  1. Delete existing user via v2 API, get 204 response.
  2. Get users request still returns user that I just deleted.
  3. Dashboard still displays the user, but when I click on the user it says: “User not found” Note: if the user was just created/deleted, it takes some time to be indexed.

Also worth noting, that initially I deleted users in bulk via DELETE /api/v2/allusers, but same thing happens if I subsequently delete an individual user via the user via DELETE /api/v2/users/{id}

I could understand if it took a few minutes for the dashboard to update, but it’s been about 2 hours, and I’d expect the API get users would be instant.

I can provider further details (e.g the tenant, etc, if needed); it’s on a different account to the one I am using on here. Currently the account/tenant affected is under free subscription.

24 hours later and users deleted via the v2 management API continue to show on the dashboard and continue to show when I use the v2 management API to retrieve a list of users… However, if I can’t even manually delete the users from dashboard, as if I click on one of them it says that the ‘User is Not found, Note: if the user was just created/deleted, it takes some time to be indexed.’

How long is it meant to take for the changes to be indexed? When I’ve deleted users in the past via management API it was near instant, so it seems like there is an issue if 24 hours later they are still showing. Is this the best place to log issues? If I have a paid subscription can I log support tickets that will actually get a response?

Still an issue 4 days later.

How do I log a bug ? This is clearly an issue at Auth0’s end… If i upgrade to a paid subscription can I create a support ticket that will actually get looked at?

Please send me a DM with the tenants in question and we can review.

Hi @jerdog, I have sent you a DM with details.

This has been resolved - we deployed a fix and upgraded to the latest search and everything looks good!

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