User Does Not Exist on Deletion of Actual Users error

Basically some users are visible on when we use their api for getting users from the user management interface and also on their dashboard in users section but when we delete from api or user management page by clicking on the user on their dashboard it shows user not found, and api request to delete user returns 404(user not found) for a user that actually exists. In all retrieval user shows up, but we aren’t able to delete as it says user does not exist when we click the delete button

There are several other users, also this happens for some users that we create fresh just now also

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I’m having some trouble understanding the full flow. Could you please share an example or steps to reproduce?

Thank you!

@dan.woda There are some users which are listed in get users api and also these users are visible in users list in the Auth0 dashboard, but when we click on the user to view it in full detail, it says Error! The user does not exist., similarly when we try to delete this user either from the dashboard or via the api we are not able to delete, same error for user doesn’t exist is there, same happens when we get a user by id with endpoint for getting a user by id from auth0 management api, one email for example is -

Hi @prashant.b,

Are you having the same issue as the original poster?

It sounds like this user has been deleted. This error is letting you know the user doesn’t exist.

@dan.woda The issue is that the user is not deleted yet, it is present, we are not able to delete the user, the user comes up in users list in auth0 dashboard and also in the management api for getting the users, but deleting the user shows error screen from the dashboard, and deleting via management api returns that user doesn’t exist, this is only one such user for example, but there are many more such users giving same issue, we are able to delete some users, but others we are not able to delete them

Hi @prashant.b,

Could you please DM your tenant name and the ID of an example user that is having this issue?

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