I cannot delete user with endpoint DELETE/api/v2/connections/{id}/users


I cannot delete a user with the endpoint DELETE/api/v2/connections/{id}/users .
I have implemented the delete script for the database connection.
The user exists in auth0 and with the email that I use in the api call.
I get a response of “204 The user no longer exists.” no matter what email I use in the api call.

The endpoint DELETE/api/v2/users/{id} works and I can delete the user with the user_id I cannot with DELETE/api/v2/connections/{id}/users .

I see in the tenant logs the call with a green check box but I doesn’t any mention any error.

Thanks in advance.

Update: Some times it works for some users and for others no.

Hey there!

Are you able to spot any patterns for which users it doesn’t work?

Unfortunately not sorry.

I think you are already doing this, but I will go ahead and ask it anyway –

  1. Are you using the con_XXXXXXX id of Auth0 DB. I am guessing, that you are trying to delete a DB User profile
  2. Are you encoding your URL? Example: https://{{auth0_domain}}/api/v2/connections/con_q7GtvFtJY3TSthA2/users?email=joe%2Bsg%40gmail.com