'User' that doesn't already exist in database blocked from sign in


I am experiencing an issue during testing where I have attempted to sign in several times with a user that was not ‘lazily migrated’ successfully using the Login script of the customer database connection.

The ‘user’ does not exist in the database (by checking users panel) and therefore I cannot use the ‘unblock’ feature as described here:

Can you suggest a work around?

Also, an explanation or pointing to documentation around how you record failed login attempts against email address that do not have user entries would give some good background to this issue. It seems that there is some ‘history’ that persists beyond our Auth0 database.


Hi @JonHarvey,

A couple things to check:

  1. If the block is an IP address block**, you should be able to clear it from the management API,
  2. it is possible for new users to get stuck in a limbo state where they exist in the Auth0 credentials database, but there’s no profile. Usually, doing a password reset clears this issue.

**this can happen even if the user does not exist. Auth0 will still block the IP of the requesting agent as it could be a bad actor trying to log in.

Thanks for the suggestion - the password reset worked.

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