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Node 8 migration for Auth0 Authorization Extension Rules



I’m using the Auth0 Authorization Extension to manage users, and have a Rule set up with custom claims. I switched to the Node 8 runtime and everything is working still, but I noticed that within my rule there’s a URL:

var EXTENSION_URL = https://<me><key>

Do I need to update this to the .us8 format? Do I need to do anything to or within the “Auth0 Authorization” extension?



:wave: @nselikoff are you referring to the Authorization Extension’s auto-generated Rule auth0-authorization-extension? This should not be affected by the Node 8 migration.


@kim.noel that’s correct. I copied and edited the auto-generated Rule auth0-authorization-extension (to add custom claims) and disabled the initially auto-generated Rule, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t need to make any changes manually.


@nselikoff that’s great! thanks for checking with us :slight_smile: please let us know if you do encounter any unexpected behaviour or any other questions/concerns.