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Authorization extension api url change "unable to resolve jtn to webtask token"

It looks like the url to talk to the extension API has changed for the ‘au’ region. We used to connect to but now it looks like we have to connect to

Is this intentional? It kinda broke everything. I don’t remember seeing any communication about this change in my emails.

It’s also quite likely that we shouldn’t have hardcoded that url in our config… are there any guidelines about retrieving it programatically so that future changes to the url don’t cause us hassles?

(I’m also not sure what category or tags to use for this if someone could let me know I can fix it)

Hey there @d.seaman!

Not entirely sure about that but the reason of that might be that there was an upgrade to Node 8 recently (you should have got a notification email)

Hi @d.seaman- Yes, there numerous notifications and emails sent out about the recent Node 8 upgrade. This particular incident affected customers in AU who were using the Authorization Extension and had not clicked “Publish Rule” (or manually updated the url) after migrating to Node 8. [1]

In this particular case, a DNS change to route any remaining Node 4 requests (old url) to the Node 8 stack (new url). However, there was a bug that prevented those requests from being accepted on the new stack. We resolved the underlying issue, and everything should be working as expected. [2]