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Node 8 Migration


Continuing the discussion from Auth0 Extensibility - Node 8 Migration:

Can someone answer this?


The question was: if my App on Heroku is running on Node 8.7.0, does that mean I can easily switch to node 8 in Auth0 without any impact?


Hey @pododesk-operations :wave: Apologies, I seem to have missed the message in the original topic.

The Node 8 Migration pertains to Auth0 extensibility points only (Hooks, Rules, Custom Database scripts and Custom Social Connections). The platform and version of Node your application runs on is completely independent of this.

If you are not using any of these extensibility points, then no action is required on your part. To clarify, only the Rules, Hooks, Custom DB scripts, and Custom Social Connection scripts, if any, need to be updated - not your application.

I hope this helps answer your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Hey, thanks for the heads up. Thats helpful.

Can you help me to find out whether I am actually using one of the affected components you are mentioning? Are there any indicators in the Auth0 Setup or my code that can help me to figure out?


@fady, can you help me with my last question?


Hey @fady, today is the last day of April. Any chance you can give me a hint regarding my open question?


@pododesk-operations There are no indicators in the auth0 setup to tell you if you are affected. Please refer to the migration guide.

You can use the Auth0 Dashboard to evaluate any custom code that you may have created:


thx @drew2,
checked the 4 areas you mentioned.
There is only one extension thats already updated and no hooks.
If all Databases show the following I should also be fine, correct?

How can I check whether the one Rule that is configured needs any update befor I enable Node 8?


Correct, if you are not using your own database, you will be fine.

I assume the “Tracks Logins in MixPanel” Rules is from this -->
Assuming you simply added your Mixpanel Token, it will also continue to work with Node 8. If you made other edits to the rule, I cannot make guarantees.


@drew2, much appreciate your support in this. sorry i go on with stupid questions but unfortunatelly we are currently missing our lead developer to take care of this so i need to somehow get this sorted my self (being not a developer).

the rule details look like this:

function (user, context, callback) {

var mpEvent = {
“event”: “Sign In”,
“properties”: {
“distinct_id”: user.user_id,
“token”: “***”,
“application”: context.clientName

var base64Event = new Buffer(JSON.stringify(mpEvent)).toString(‘base64’);

url: ‘’,
qs: {
data: base64Event
}, function (e, r, b){
// don’t wait for the MixPanel API call to finish, return right away (the request will continue on the sandbox)`
callback(null, user, context);

Does that give you enough information to judge whether we can simply switch to node8?


Yes, that rule will continue to work correctly in Node 8.

Note that new Buffer is deprecated, and should be changed to Buffer.from before Node 10 is available, but that change is not necessary at this time.


Many thanks so far. That means I can actually now stwitch to Node 8.
Can this somehow bee done for my development app only first? I seem to only be able to switch it for the whole tenant, right?


It is a tenant-based option, not an app-based option.


can i switch back to node 4 just in case there is an unexpected issue with node 8 (even though we figured out there shouldn’t be any)?