Node 8 End Of Life - Feb 25 2022

If you have not updated to Node 12, it’s highly likely you will experience service interruption in some capacity

What do I need to do?

Update your global tenant settings to Node 12 and either:

Since long-term support for Node 12 will be ending in April 2022, we strongly recommend you begin to migrate to Auth0 Actions, which will allow you to stay on a supported Node version without additional future action. Note that there are some limitations with Actions, make sure you review them before migrating.
With Node.js 8 quickly disappearing in February 25th, 2022 we wanted to encourage developers to review their custom code implementations that may not have been updated yet to use Node 12 compatible NPM modules as the default runtime. Those who may have not updated will likely be impacted and we want to ensure no one has any service interruptions or login failures.

Auth0 will not be rewriting any custom code, and it is possible custom code will fail if not properly updated to Node 12 after February 25, 2022.

Auth0 Extensibility Products that may be affected by this change include:

  • Rules
  • Hooks
  • Extensions
  • Custom Database Connections
  • Custom Social Connections

Products not impacted by this change include:

  • Actions

Is it possible to configure Node version using the auth0-deploy ?

And are there any version changes required for these packages to be compatible.


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Hi James,

What is the simplest set of steps I can follow to safely migrate from Node8 and avoid security issues after this Friday, Feb 25 2022?

  1. Update global tenant settings to Node 12.
  • How do I do that in the Auth0 UI?
  • Is there any migration risk when I do that?
  1. How do I migrate safely to Auth0 Actions?
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Hi @auth0auth,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure the Node version using the Auth0 Deploy CLI.

As an alternative, you could consider using the Auth0 Management API v2 update tenant settings endpoint to change the Runtime Node version.

In all cases, I strongly recommend updating your packages. I noticed your Auth0 package is an older version v2.27.0 and can update to v2.40.0. See here. Doing so should ensure that your packages are compatible with the latest changes to your Extensibility Runtime Node version.

Hoped this helps!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

Hi @nialloc,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community.

I understand you have concerns about safely migrating from Node 8 to Node 12 (latest).

To update your tenant settings to Node 12 on the Auth0 Dashboard, please navigate to your Auth0 Dashboard > Tenant Settings > Advanced and scroll down to Extensibility. Then set the Runtime version to Node 12. Once that is complete, don’t forget to press Save.

Migrating to Node 12 should not present any migration risks. See our Migrate from Node.js 8 to Node.js 12 documentation to learn more.

To safely migrate from Rules to Actions, please refer to our documentation - Migrate from Rules to Actions.

Hoped this helps!

Please reach out if you have any additional questions or need further clarification.

Thank you.