Node 8 is Unsupported, what's next?

Question: Node 8 is Unsupported, what’s next?


It’s important that if you are still running Node 8 on your Auth0 tenant for your Rules and Hooks that you migrate off of it. Please be aware that support for Node 8 ended in December 2019 and you must migrate to either Actions Node 16 or our legacy products Rules and Hooks in Node 12 to stay compliant with security best practices. Due to the LTS end for Node 12 coming April 2022, we recommend you migrate to Actions, which will support all future Node updates.

If you are using Actions, you are already on Node 12 and will soon be getting Node 16 for Actions alone. Please be aware that the tenant settings for Node version only apply to Rules, Hooks, and Extensions.

We encourage you to use this time to migrate your Rules & Hooks to Actions and take advantage of Node 16 as well as the greatly improved developer experience that comes with Actions.

Supporting Documentation:

Documentation: Node 16 Support Now Available in Actions