Node 16 Support for Rules and Hooks

Hello Auth0 Community!

In order to stay up to date with Node.js releases, we are adding Node 16 support for Auth0 Rules and Hooks. You should begin seeing the option to upgrade your tenant’s Extensibility Runtime setting from Node 12 to Node 16 on Jul 25, 2022.

What exactly does this mean for you?

Despite the fact that Node 12 will continue to be supported throughout this year, we strongly encourage you to update your global tenant Extensibility Runtime setting to Node 16. You can do so by navigating in your Auth0 Dashboard to Settings → Advanced → Extensibility.

While Auth0 is supporting Rules and Hooks with Node 16, we also strongly encourage you to migrate to Actions when possible. If you are unable to migrate to Actions immediately, we recommend updating Rules and Hooks to Node 16 at a minimum.

To get ahead of the eventual end of Node support for Rules and Hooks, you will in the future need to migrate to Actions - Now is as good a time as ever to start as our long-term strategy is to unify all extensibility under Actions and replace legacy offerings like Rules and Hooks. We are looking at a future free of Node version disruption with Action Integration

For more on migrating to Actions, please see this documentation and for more detailed information on the Node 16 update please see our related blog post(link to blog post if available).

Thanks a bunch and please do let us know if you have any comments and/or feedback!


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