Node 12 deprecated?

We use auth0-deploy-cli to update our tenant.

Today, we received a message An error occurred: Bad Request: The sandbox_version provided is invalid. Please use one of the available options: ["16"].

I see an announcement for this being available.
Node 16 Support for Rules and Hooks, but no announcement for V12 being deprecated.

In the UI, our dev environment doesn’t have V12 available, but our prod still does.

And in prod

Is Auth0 rolling something out that’s deprecating this?
The announcement here: Migrate to Node.js 16 indicates that because Node 12 is EOL On 30 Apr 2022, they encourage migrating to Node 12…

What’s the official word?

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Can confirm, we also use the auth0-deploy-cli and are hitting the same issue.

We ended up moving to 16.

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