Node 8 End of Life

Node.js 8 is no longer under long-term support, and Auth0 plans to discontinue use of this runtime on February 25, 2022 . After Feb 25, 2022, all tenants with Node 8 selected as their default runtime will be switched to Node 12 as the default runtime and logins will likely be impacted. Developers need to inspect their custom code before this to make sure there are no service interruptions. Any tenant who has not updated custom code to Node 12 compatible NPM modules will very likely see login failures.

Auth0 will not be rewriting any custom code, and it is possible custom code will fail if not properly updated to Node 12 after February 25, 2022 .

Auth0 Extensibility Products that may be affected by this change include:

  • Rules
  • Hooks
  • Extensions
  • Custom Database Connections
  • Custom Social Connections

Products not impacted by this change include:

  • Actions

What do I need to do?

Update your global tenant settings to Node 12 and either:

Since long-term support for Node 12 will be ending in April 2022, we strongly recommend you begin to migrate to Auth0 Actions, which will allow you to stay on a supported Node version without additional future action. Note that there are some limitations with Actions, make sure you review them before migrating.

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