Migrate from Node.js 8 to Node.js 12


We are using Node.js 8 and want to upgrade to 12.
we don’t separate environments - development and production are together in production.
We are using the features: “Custom database connections” and “Custom social connections”.
So I want to ask how the migration should be?
If I change to Node.js 12 and something won’t work, I can move back to Node.js 8?

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Hi @chen1,

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You should be able to switch between the two in your tenant settings in the dashboard. I had no problem switching back to the Node 8 runtime after upgrading to 12, then back to 12 again.

I would highly recommend creating a second tenant to test settings like this. You can copy your existing tenant configurations to a staging env using the Deploy CLI.

@dan.woda thank you!!

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Let us know if you have any other questions!

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