Node 8 migration for Auth0 Authorization

i want to migrate from node version v4 to v8 before june 19.Rules which i have written is in node 8.So if directly select node 8 in runtime, won’t affect my application right or it may have some impact on my auth0 environment.@konrad.sopala can u help me with this.

Sure! Let me ask the team responsible for the upgrade!

@konrad.sopala Can you make it as fast as possible.We don’t have lot of time.we have to do it before jun 19.Thanks Konrad.

I’m aware of that. I asked the team. Right now I need to wait for their info. Thank you!

Thanks a lot @konrad.sopala.

I’ve got a question about what you’ve written: “Rules which I have written are in node 8.

If your tenant is still configured for node4, rules are executing in node4.

Do you mean that the rules were authored for the language features of node8?

@konrad.sopala yeah thats what i meant to say.The rules were authored for the language features of node 8.So that means i when i migrate from node4 to node 8 there wont be any problem right.

Yep that is correct! Everything in that scenario should be working fine!

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