Auth0 Node.js 4 End of Life

My client received an Auth0 Node.js 4 End of Life notice. It included a link on how to ensure a smooth migration and neither my client or my head developer (we are creating a new site) know how to address this. Since this Auth0 automatically does the migration is this something we need to be worried about? The client thinks this is connected to her app but isn’t sure. I do not have any tech background but trying to figure out what I or should ask our developer to do.

Hey there @Lisa!

No problem! It seems that we’re getting more and more topics regarding that upgrade so there must be something hard to grasp in that info or not self-explainable. We’ll work on that!

Basically Auth0’s internal runtimes for extensions, rules, hooks, custom DB connections, and custom social connections are being upgraded to Node 8. This should not have any effect on your external applications that use Auth0, regardless of their runtime. Only code that runs inside your Auth0 tenants will need to be upgraded.

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