Nodejs Library moving from 4 to 8 effects on API


We currently are using aNodejs API and a separate Single Page Application, with access restricted via Auth0.

I have seen that updates must be made to the Authorization extension, as well as other places, because of transition of Auth0’s library for Nodejs runtime from 4 to 8. I’m unsure if this applies to us because this is technically a tansition for Nodejs applications and not API’s.

Does this apply to us and should I modify the Authorization rule, and anything else, because of this transistion?



Auth0’s internal runtimes for extensions, rules, hooks, custom DB connections, and custom social connections are being upgraded to Node 8. Any code that runs inside your Auth0 tenants will need to be upgraded, including extensions.

If you’re using the Authorization Extension as part of your Auth0 workflow, you’ll want to take the time to make sure that you’re on the latest version of the extension, and follow the instructions for upgrading any URLs as specified in the migration guide.

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