Migration to Node.js v8 and Sandbox url in rules

My customer received an email about migration from Node4 to Node8. While I was doing this I found that in the Rules section we use a rule(extends userinfo requrest with “groups” property) with EXTENSION_URL = “https://sandbox-eu.it.auth0.com/api/run//<magic_numbers>/”
Should I somehow update this url for Node8(I’ve tried to add “8” to “eu” and “it” without any success)? The change template completely differents from the url we use
Template from the guide:
var EXTENSION_URL = "https://<tenant>.us.webtask.io/<container_id>";
var EXTENSION_URL = "https://<tenant>.us8.webtask.io/<container_id>";

Thank you.


Given the context of your message, I’m pretty sure that <magic numbers> is the name of your extension’s container id.

In that case, rather than using
EXTENSION_URL = "https://sandbox-eu.it.auth0.com/api/run/<tenant>/<container id>"
Try using
EXTENSION_URL = "https://<tenant>.eu8.webtask.io/<container_id>"

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Thank you for your response!
I’ve replaced sandbox URL with the one from your message and the rule still working well. At least I know now that after the migration will be finished my Rule won’t break.
Although, I still have no idea why this sandbox-eu.it.auth0.com was used instead of more common .webtask.io and wasn’t able to find any info about it in the Auth0 docs.

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