Monitor M2M Usage

Problem statement

How to monitor the use of M2M tokens? How to see logs for M2M tokens in Monitoring > Logs?


The Machine to Machine Auth report, which provides a count of access tokens issued for the Client Credentials Flow per calendar month, can be found in the Support Center by going to Reports > Quota Utilization.

Also, this can be accessed from the Dashboard directly by going to the tenant’s name in the upper left corner and selecting Quota Utilization from the dropdown menu.


To see logs in Monitoring > Logs for M2M tokens, query the Tenant logs for “seccft”(Successful exchange of Access Token for a Client Credentials Grant) and “feccft” events. This will show the logs from the last 1, 2, 10, or 30 days depending on the log retention for the subscription (see Log Data Retention).

Also, a Log Streaming service could help collect data over extended periods, but that would require manual setup. More information about Log Streaming can be found here.

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