Get details of Authentication calls

Our M2M usage has suddenly shot up and we don’t understand why. Here’s the usage from last 3 months, and for this month to date:

There is no apparent change in our usage pattern. We generate a new token on a device every 17 days only.

I am at a loss on how to investigate this. Is there a way to get more details of each call, instead of just the count?

On a related note, are the daily usage counts updated in real-time? If not, what is the approximate delay?

M2M usage is based on the Client Credentials Grant and are logged in the logs, under event type: seccft
according to:

You should be able to see them in the Dashboard > Logs (Success Exchange) > type: seccft, where you see details like client ID, application name, etc.

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Exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!

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