Where to find M2M usage?


I have been searching deep and wide, and I am unable to find current or past M2M quota usage.
All posts are old, some are referencing “Usage” in dashboard. Usage does not exist anymore.
Some are referencing M2M Daily Quota Usage csv download, that also does not seem to exist anymore.

ChatGPT suggest searching through the logs, that does not work as it suggests. Did someone forget to add that, in new redesign or am I blind? I wasted 4 hours trying to find something I would expect to be in “Activity” tab

Hey there @filip.vuletic welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you struggled finding Quota usage - I agree the docs could be better as it’s not entirely intuitive as is. You can find M2M quota usage by navigating to your tenant settings and then clicking the link to Quota Utilization:

From there Feature ConsumptionMachine to Machine Auth

Hope this helps!

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