M2M quota does not seems to be correct


We received an email yesterday saying we reached 80% of our monthly M2M tokens usage quota. But on the quota utilization page it says we are only at 386/1000 yet. I waited 24h to make sure the dashboard was up-to-date, but still we see the message on the dashboard that we hit 80% usage while the utilization page is still on 39% usage.

So now we wonder if this is a problem with Auth0, or did we indeed reached our quota?

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Hey there!

Can you send me a private message here in the forum with your tenant name so I can check what is happening behind the scenes? Thanks!

Waiting for the information from the team. Once resolved I will share the solution here for everyone!

Hey there everyone!

For anyone having similar question, I spoke to the data team and there are currently known delays with usage data shown in support center vs when the users are notified. They’re aware of it and are prioritising it.

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