M2M tokens usage - quota limits & rate limits - HELP

We received warnings and finally “[Critical] Over 100% monthly M2M tokens usage for tenant: dev-kkw6cwpj”.

We have no concerns about upgrading, but we want to understand what the symptom is so we can manage the risk and tune our application, regardless of the pricing tier we are on.

In the quota limit dashboard it showed us well within the limits of Machine to Machine Auth ( less than 80% usage).

I plan to add more logging to our application today to interrogate and list any other limit headers, but where can I see the actual limit I have breached and the count/statistics on how that has been breached in such circumstances, when the dashboard and the email/exception clearly disagree?


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Hello, @peter12! Thank you for contacting Auth0 Support.

Considering that this issue is specific to your tenant, I highly recommend that you submit a billing-related question through our Support Center, at https://support.auth0.com. The specialized teams will be able to have a more deeper look and understanding on what’s going on. Just make sure to select the right tenant and the billing category, so that it gets routed accordingly!

Let me know if you are unable to file a ticket.


I cannot submit a ticket @joseantonio.rey.

As mentioned in my original question, we could upgrade, but we are trying to understand what the issue actually is before right-sizing our subscriptions.
We are launching soon so this lack of stability and visibility has us very concerned.

Hey @peter12,

Oh, I understand. I would be happy to further discuss this matter with you via DM if you send me your tenant name (don’t forget the region!), considering that this is a Billing issue.


Hi @joseantonio.rey - what’s the mechanism to DM for tenant specific questions? Thanks

@plilaramani If this is a technical question, it’s better to ask to the Community. Otherwise, if this is a Billing question, it might be best to ask our Support team at support.auth0.com, or DM me if you can not file a support ticket by clicking on my username, and then clicking on the blue Message button.

I received a similar email yesterday when my M2M quotas were both below 10%:

Your tenant: xxxxxxx has crossed 90% of your plan limit for M2M tokens for this month. Plan usage details are available at the link below: