Inability to customize text for new universal login change password flow

I was under the impression that if I do not use the Customize Password Reset Page, I could access Universal Login\Advanced Options\Custom Text to customize things such as the backToLoginLinkText (i.e. I set it to “Go to Login”). I’ve tried customizing several things, and it seems like nothing works\shows on the password reset screen.

I really just want to be able to show:
a.) different text on the button (since “Back to {application}” doesn’t make sense for my user creation\password set workflow, and
b.) Show the email of the user setting their password (again, same reason above, they don’t know what they’re setting their password for, so it may be confusing).

The whole reason I cannot use my custom change password template is because it doesn’t show the “Back to app” button. I am using the management API to send a change_password request (if that matters). Also, I must have a custom Universal Login\Login screen again due to some custom requirements. Lastly, I am using the New Universal Login flow.

Please help. Thanks.

Hi @tyler.andreasen,

I have just checked your tenant and found that you have enabled one or more Custom HTML pages, which, when enabled, overrides the New Universal Login experience. There should be a yellow warning banner letting you know about this as well.

In this situation, please make sure that you have disabled the Customize Login Page, Customize Password Reset Page, and Customize MFA Page toggles on your Universal Login Experience settings.

See New Universal Login Page Overrides with Custom HTML for more details.

Please let us know if you have any issues with this.


Hi Rueben, thanks for the reply.

While I can get away with disabling the custom password reset\MFA page, we have some very specific customizations in the login page that cannot be avoided. Is there no way to customize text on the change password page only?

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