Customizations of New Universal Login Page Are Not Working

Problem statement

We are using the Management API to set the branding template for Universal Login, and the template works as expected for most Universal Login screens.

However, for the “reset-password” screen specifically, the branding template does not work as expected. Changes to the template don’t seem to apply at all for the “reset-password” screen in particular, and it does not appear that the branding template is working at all for the “reset-password” screen.


There are 2 possible causes of this issue:

  1. The custom domain is not used.
    The customizations to the universal login pages only take effect if the custom domain is enabled and used.
    This applies to all the pages/prompts (e.g. login page, mfa page, password reset page, etc)

  2. The application’s custom_login_page overrides the global universal login page.
    In this situation, you need to toggle off the Customize Login Page feature to prevent overriding the New Universal Login experience.

If the customization is not working on other pages, such as the reset password page, then the issue is most likely caused by point #1.