Ask Me Anything with Auth0 Terraform Provider

Ask Me Anything with Auth0 Terraform Provider

The Auth0 Community is excited to invite you to our next interactive online Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Thursday, September 28, 2023, featuring the Auth0 Terraform Provider Product Team.

Did you know that the Auth0 Terraform Provider offers a streamlined way to manage Auth0 configurations using Infrastructure as code, allowing for easy version control, automation, and integration into existing DevOps pipelines? No matter where you are in your journey with Auth0, we’ve got you covered! Kevin Lillybridge, Group Product Manager at Auth0 will answer your burning questions, from how to get started with the Auth0 Terraform Provider to best practices, common use cases, and how to integrate Auth0 configurations into existing DevOps workflows.

How will the AMA session work? From today, September 7 to Wednesday, September 27, 2023, you can ask your questions by replying to this discussion thread using the ‘Reply’ Button. Then, mark your calendars for Thursday, September 28, between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. PST, when our product experts from the Auth0 Terraform Provider team will provide you with comprehensive written answers. As a bonus, your participation will earn you points and a special badge.

What you’ll gain from participating?

  • How to get started with the Auth0 Terraform Provider
  • How to seamlessly integrate Auth0 management into CI/CD pipelines
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when using the Auth0 Terraform Provider
  • Information on advanced use cases for the Auth0 Terraform Provider
  • How to manage multiple environments with the Auth0 Terraform Provider
  • Best practices for managing Auth0 resources with Terraform

Ask Questions here by hitting the reply button! Be sure to submit your questions from Thursday, September 7 to Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

Featured Expert

Kevin Lillybridge is a Group Product Manager in the Developer Experience Organization. He works with Auth0’s Developer Tooling and SDKs team, helping developers supercharge building with Auth0.

This is part of a monthly interactive online AMA series that invites the Auth0 by Okta Community to engage with various Okta subject matter experts.


With the recent fork of Terraform by OpenTF it sounds like all providers will continue to function as expected - Does Okta have any thoughts on this or foresee any potential issue for developers who wish to transition to OpenTF in the spirit of open source?


What is the current management model of Auth0 Terraform Provider? Is Auth0 managing the repo for the tool ourselves or is someone outside of the company still doing this with us?


Can you walk us through the initial setup process for the Auth0 Terraform Provider?


How does the Auth0 Terraform Provider handle secret management?


How does the Auth0 Terraform Provider fit into a CI/CD pipeline?

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Creating a resource in the Auth0 UI, like email provider, causes errors when creating the resource with terraform afterwards. I wasn’t able to delete the resource completely after creating it in the UI, so I ran into a lot of terraform creation errors. It could not destroy nor replace. What are your thoughts on this?


Hey there everyone!

Most of you probably don’t remember but it was @alexkappa, one of our community members who initially set the foundation for this tool!

If you wish to read more about the tool beginnings here is our blog article on that front:

We would also love to encourage @alexkappa to join our AMA and share his thoughts about the tool! Thank you Alex for all the core ground work you did at the beginning for this tool!

Hey there everyone!

While we’re waiting for our AMA: Auth0 Terraform Provider to happen this Thursday between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. PST, we’ve got another Terraform related update for all of you!

Auth0 Terraform Provider Version 1 GA Released!

Our engineering team is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated GA release of our Auth0 Terraform Provider v1! With the v1 release, managing your Auth0 resources using Terraform has never been easier. From provisioning clients, configuring connections, or setting up actions, the Auth0 Terraform Provider v1 empowers developers to streamline and automate their Auth0 infrastructure faster than ever before. Key Highlights:

  • Auto-generating Terraform Config: By leveraging the Auth0 CLI, you can automatically generate the necessary Terraform code to provision and manage resources in Auth0.
  • Data Sources for Resources: Easily fetch and reference data from existing Auth0 resources using data sources.
  • Resource Relationships: Define and manage relationships between Auth0 resources effortlessly.
  • Zero Downtime Client Secret Rotation: Seamlessly rotate client secrets with minimal disruption to applications and users.
  • Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements: Auth0 Terraform Provider v1 emphasizes our dedication to delivering an enhanced, reliable tool.

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