Auth0 by Okta Community Ask Me Anything with Auth0 Terraform Provider: Recap

Auth0 by Okta Community Ask Me Anything with Auth0 Terraform Provider: Recap

Our second Auth0 by Okta Community Ask me Anything (AMA) online event was last week about all things Auth0 Terraform Provider with Kevin Lillybridge, Group Product Manager on the SDK team.

Before we dive into a summary of the event, we wanted to extend a huge thank you for your enthusiasm and insightful questions. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a special community badge,

Here are the main highlights from the session:

  • Open TF

    • Currently, we foresee no immediate issues for developers wishing to transition to OpenTF.
      Our Auth0 Terraform Provider is designed to be compatible with the Terraform ecosystem, and we aim to maintain that compatibility as the landscape evolves.
  • How to setup Auth0 Terraform Provider

    • To start, developers should follow our straightforward Quickstart guide to understand the general concepts. If you are already using Auth0, you only need to run the new auth0 terraform generate command in the Auth0 CLI to generate all the .tf files needed for Terraform. More details on the terraform generate feature can be found here.
  • Secrets Management Handling

    • Avoid plain text secrets. Secure Terraform state. Use environment variables. Leverage Dedicated Secret Stores.
  • Fitting into CI/CD Pipeline

    • Terraform is designed to play well with pretty much every CI/CD workflow and integrating the Auth0 Terraform Provider into a CI/CD pipeline can streamline the process of managing your Auth0 resources, making it more automated, consistent, and error-free.
  • What’s the Auth0 ‘ideal’ approach to managing multiple tenants in Terraform?

    • Organizations are definitely the way to go now, and we have quite a bit of comprehensive documentation on how they work and how to get the most out of them. As for managing multiple tenants in Terraform, we recommend Hashicorp’s guidance and leverage Workspaces.
  • Creating resources in Auth0 Dashboard and creating resources via Terraform afterwards: problems

    • In general, we recommend that any resources created outside Terraform be imported into Terraform’s management purview with the Terraform import command. If you believe you are experiencing a bug with the provider, please open an issue in GitHub, and the team will dig in!
  • Auth0 Terraform Provider: Maintenance Model. Is it only maintained by Auth0 Engineering or is the external community somehow contributing?

    • During its inception, the Auth0 Terraform Provider was maintained largely by Alex Kalyvitis and the community. However, as time went on we recognized the need for rapid * innovation and development in this space and brought the development of the Auth0 Terraform Provider in-house

Did you miss the event or want to read through all the questions and detailed answers? Look no further! Visit the AMA Community Topic here.

What’s Next?

We’re hosting our next online AMA in the Workforce Identity Cloud Community on October 26, 2023, with the Workflows Product Team. More details to follow.

If you want to learn more about the Community AMA Series check out this Community category.

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See you next time!

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