Official support for terraform provider

Feature: Official support for the terraform auth0 provider

Description: Support staff directed me here after filing an inquiry to find out the status of official support for GitHub - alexkappa/terraform-provider-auth0: ARCHIVED Auth0 Terraform Provider. This project is now being maintained at:

Use-case: I am in need of a programmatic means to promote configuration across our auth0 environments through our CI/CD pipelines

Hi @bryan0,

Thanks for the feedback!

Our team is working with the owner of this repo to bring the library in-house. This is coming, but I don’t have an official ETA at the moment.

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Hey there everyone! :wave:t3:

I thought I’m gonna chime in with something that might be of your interest! We’re hosting an Ask Me Anything Session in our Forum regarding Auth0 Terraform Provider.

It’s gonna be on Thursday, September 28, 2023. Check out more info about it here!

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Thanks @konrad.sopala!