Terraform Auth0 provider broken

Hello Auth0 community. I think the number of folks using terraform to manage their Auth0 resources is a fairly low percentage, however I wanted to raise an issue here which is also being tracked on github (Is there an interest in forking this project? · Issue #447 · alexkappa/terraform-provider-auth0 · GitHub). There are a few issues with the Auth0 TF provider, namely if you’re using custom domains in emails, the provider is essentially unusable.

We use this feature and I would assume it’s fairly widely used for those who want non-CORS requests with their Auth0 creds. It would be wonderful to have an update on the status of that project, here or on the Github issue. Thanks.

Hi @david.peterson,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I’ll reach out to team responsible. Stay tuned!

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Hi again @david.peterson,

Check out this feedback thread for an update: Official support for terraform provider

In short; this is coming, but no current ETA.

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