Creating Custom Social Connections via terraform

Hello, I was able to create a custom social connection using the terraform auth0 provider with no issues. The only problem is, it does not show up in the Auth0 Management Console, even though it does show up when I check my account using the auth0 cli. I know in the docs it is mentioned that

The Auth0 dashboard displays only one connection per social provider. Although the Auth0 Management API allows the creation of multiple connections per strategy, the additional connections may not be visible in the Auth0 dashboard.

However I don’t think this would apply to the case of a custom social provider, especially because I only have one custom social provider at the moment. Is this a known issue? Are there any plans to fix this in the future? Here is my terraform code for reference:

resource "auth0_connection" "my-connection" {
    name = "my-connection"
    strategy = "custom"
    options {
        client_id = "<client id here>"
        client_secret = "<client secret here>"
        scopes = []
        token_endpoint = "<my_url>/tokens"
        authorization_endpoint = "<my_url>/login_sessions/new?"
        pkce_enabled = false
        icon_url = ""
        scripts = {
            fetchUserProfile = <<EOF
                function(accessToken, ctx, cb) {...}
        non_persistent_attrs = ["ethnicity", "gender"]

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