How to import tenant configuration using terraform-auth-provider

I’m using Terraform to manage my Auth0 configuration. The docs and blogs are well documented on how to manage and create new resources, but how can I import the existing resources in my tenant over to terraform? I’m aware of importing individual resources using terraform import, such as

terraform import auth0_client.my_client 1egefsaf...

but is it possible to import the entire configuration, or all the clients one at a time? My tenant has many clients and importing them like this one by one is very time consuming

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Hey there everyone! :wave:t3:

I thought I’m gonna chime in with something that might be of your interest! We’re hosting an Ask Me Anything Session in our Forum regarding Auth0 Terraform Provider.

It’s gonna be on Thursday, September 28, 2023. Check out more info about it here!

@zaki.machfj – Good news, we’ve released auto-generated Terraform configuration functionality in the Auth0 CLI. It should solve the toil of needing to lookup IDs and manually import them with the TF command line. This functionality is exposed via the auth0 terraform generate command. See the docs for more details.

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