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Windowslive adding EAS and EWS connection_scope issue

I am attempting to add scopes:

as connections scopes for windowslive using the following code:

        redirect_uri: `${window.location.origin}${environment.auth0.callback_path}`,
        appState: { target: redirectPath },
        scope: '',
        connection: 'windowslive',
        connection_scope: '',
        access_type: 'offline',
        audience: environment.auth0.audience,
        approval_prompt: 'force'

This results in the following error response:

The provided value for the input parameter 'scope' is not valid. The scope 'openid profile email' does not exist.

Any ideas?

auth0-spa-js@1.6.0, node v10.14.1

Hey there!

I’m pretty sure that adding full links into scopes field won’t work. Let me research how you should do that instead in terms of those scopes that you want to add!

I don’t have a Microsoft account and cannot access that documentation. Can you double-check whether you followed the tutorial thoroughly and if you should put the whole link into connection_scope? Thank you!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to check my last message?