Email claim value doesnt exist for windows live account

When I log in with my account my app crashes because there is no email claim value. When I log in with Google there are no issues.

Please provide more info;

  • Can you see an email in the user
    profile in Auth0?
  • What scopes are you

I currently have 2 users in Auth0 one from and one from Google. The Google user has an email the user does not have an email. The scope that I have in my login page is

auth: { redirectUrl: window.location.origin + ‘/signin-auth0’, responseType: ‘code’, params: { scope: ‘openid’ } }

Can you “Try” the Windows Live connection via the connection settings page, and see whether the email attribute is being returned from Microsoft.

Here is what I get. I removed some of the values so I can submit. Notice no email claim is returned.
“name”: “Jenny Trainer”, “given_name”: “”, “family_name”: “”,
“locale”: “”,
“email_verified”: ,
“picture”: “”,
“clientID”: “”,
“updated_at”: “2017-05-09T17:52:37.329Z”,
“user_id”: “”,
“nickname”: “Jenny Trainer”,
“provider”: “windowslive”,
“user_id”: “9645a3d60dd1d715”,
“connection”: “windowslive”,
“isSocial”: true
“created_at”: “2017-05-09T16:06:00.651Z”,
“sub”: “”

You will need to explicitly request the Email Addresses from the connection settings:

Dashboard > Connections > Social > Microsoft > Check the Email Addresses box

That was the missing piece, Thanks!