Windowslive connection not allowing work accounts


We have a live application that authenticates users using Microsoft via Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) JS library. We are providing the client ID of an app registration in our Entra. This allows anyone to sign in (any organization and personal accounts).


We have recently moved over to Auth0 for our IDP and are trying to achieve the same setup. Using the windowslive connection, we have provided the same client ID as with MSAL above, however when users try to login with a work account they see this error:


As mentioned, the same client ID works as intended with MSAL, but not with Auth0.

We have seen other answers that suggest using enterprise connections to get around this but this would mean having to create potentially hundreds of enterprise connections to simply support what MSAL did out of the box.

Is there a way to achieve what we currently have with Auth0 without using enterprise connections?


Hi @andypottage , thank you for posting!

The windowslive social connection works, unfortunately, only for individual/personal accounts :frowning:

As you already mentioned, a relevant enterprise account has to be created for company accounts.

Please let us know if we can assist you with follow-up questions.

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