Microsoft Social login not working for business accounts

I am developing an application which offers the ability for users to login/signup with their microsoft accounts. With personal accounts, the flow works as expected. With business accounts, like my microsoft outlook work email for example, the login does not work. This image below is the message I/receive when trying it:

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 7.52.47 PM

In the azure dashboard, we made sure to allow business accounts:

In the auth0 settings, we see this (notice the “personal accounts” text):

I should also note that I have used this email(s) in question to login through similar social sign in flows before, and never got this error. Can anyone shed some light as to why microsoft business emails do not work with microsoft + auth0 only?

Has anyone else come across this? We really need this in order to make our application open to our customers.

So far I’m very disappointed with the level of customer service from the auth0 team. If I do not get some resolution by tomorrow, I will not be able to use auth0 for our application and would have to revert to a custom implementation.