Where are "Support email" and "Support URL" used?

I’ve set “Support email” and “Support URL” (under Tenant Settings > Settings) , but it’s not clear to me when/where those are used.

Per the docs, Tenant Settings

Set the Support Email and Support URL. If a user encounters an issue while logging in, they’ll want to reach out for help. Set these values to direct them to an email address or landing page to get assistance.

So, I’d expect them to be visible during some part of the login, account creation or password-reset process, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I see there’s a previous issue, from 2017 that, unfortunately, doesn’t include enough context to understand what page the poster was asking about.

I don’t see the link or email referenced on

  • log in
  • create account
  • reset password

I believe I’m using the New Universal Login (though I can no longer find the toggle to confirm that setting).

Thanks for any pointers to help me better understand how these settings are used.

I’ve confirmed that we’re using “New”, not “Classic”, Universal Login Experience.

The setting is found at Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options, on the “Settings” tab.

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I found one place where these are used: on the generic Auth0 error page.

The documentation for that is at Default Auth0 Error Page.

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Hey there @lee.omara, great question!

It looks like these are also available to use in any custom page template in New Universal Login:


Thanks for the pointer, @tyf, it seems that the answer to my initial query is that by default, support link and support email are only visible on the default Auth0 error page. They are available to be used on other pages. Doing so requires editing those templates.

From my perspective, the current documentation suggests these support links will be more visible than they are.

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Thanks for following up!

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