Default error page for second click on reset password link

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We have an application with several tenants both using classic universal login. On first one, after I change the user password via email link, second click on the same button in email will go expected way and lead to the default error page:

If I try to do the very same flow on second tenant it will open my page from “Redirect_to” field with the “?message=This%20URL%20can%20be%20used%20only%20once&success=false#” query which is unexpected.

I was trying to find some differences between settings in tenants but had no luck. Maybe someone can suggest me which properties to check on second tenant to set up same behaviour as on the first one?

Hi @aleksey.budnitskiy,

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I believe that you would be seeing the error page from the first example only if you did not have a Custom Error Page configured, and there is no ‘Redirect To’ URL configured for the Password Change email template settings. If you do have either of these fields configured, then they will be used with the message in the query string as you saw in your second example.

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