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After a user resets their password we would like to display a link to our login page. Currently after the user resets their password the Auth0 password reset form becomes a dead end and provides a poor UX for our users.

We’ve attempted to customize this page through the dashboard, however, the property ‘successMessage’ passed to new Auth0ChangePassword({…}) doesn’t allow html. Additionally the theme icon links to auth0 and not our site.

Is there some way we can get a link back to our login page so that the user doesn’t end up at a dead-end?


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The answer to this will depend on whether or not you are using the Classic Universal Login or the New Universal Login. If you are customizing the HTML of the login widget (in the online code editor), then you are using Classic, otherwise you should probably use New.

In Classic UL:

  • Configure the RedirectTo property in the password reset email template, this will determine where the user is returned after successful reset. Relevant doc.

In New UL:

  • Auth0 redirects users to the default log in route when the user succeeds in resetting the password.
  • You can set application level login route in the application settings under Application Login URI, and you can set the tenant level login route in the tenant settings under advanced.

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