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We are using a custom password reset form page and are struggling to find out how to modify a few things.

  1. When the user has successfully reset their password they are directed to a page which simply shows a message: “Your password has been reset successfully.” - we want this to include a link back to the login page - is this possible, and if so what variables can we use for this? At the moment the page only contains the message, nothing else, which means users will have to manually access main URL again.

  2. On the login screen there is the option allowShowPassword - how do we get this to work on the custom password reset form? I can see it does this if we don’t use the custom form so assume it is possible somehow, but can’t find anything in the docs.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @paul.till.ext,

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This doc explains how to configure the redirect link. It sounds like you are using classic universal login, so this will be set in Email settings. Let me know if this doesn’t solve it.

I wasn’t able to get this to work. If you want to submit a feature request, that can be done here.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the response. We have universal login set to the New Experience but have this message in the console as we have had to enable the custom login to edit some of the text etc.

One or more of your Universal Login pages are currently using custom HTML which override the New Universal Login experience.

The first bit has worked, which is great. We can live without the show password feature, just wanted to check I wasn’t missing anything.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for the follow-up! If you have any more questions feel free to start a new topic. Thanks!

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