Can not redirect user after password reset

I understand there is a new way in the universal login apps to handle the redirect to login page :wink:

The way to do this is as per this doc Configure Default Login Routes is by configuring the application login URL (default login route).

As per these docs Configure Default Login Routes
this can be done by adding that url in two places: The application settings and the Tenant advanced settings.

I tried the both but still I dont get redirected anywhere after the password reset

In the application

In the tenant

However I am not being redirected after pasword reset

Hi @ontarget , welcome to the community!

I wanted to double-check that you have also added the redirect URL to the email template?
If you go to your Auth0 Dashboard > Branding > Email Templates > Select Change Password > Enter URL in the “Redirect to” field.

You’ll find lots of information about the Redirect To URL field here - Customize Email Templates (Number 4)
Hope this helps,

hey @nathan.jenkins thanks for the heads up! Adding the url there made it work :slight_smile:

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