After password reset need to redirect in to app sign in page


I used change password template to reset the password.
After my new password has been created using Auth0’s steps, I am able to enter it into the app sign in screen.
How can I do this ?

Hi Monika,

It depends on whether you are using Classic or New Universal Login experience.

For Classic Universal Login, you can specify a redirect URL within the template itself, as detailed here:

You can use the liquid syntax to have this dynamically adjust the URL based on the application the user initiated the password reset against (i.e. the client_id that was in the /authorize URL that loaded the login page for them)

For New Universal Login, it instead uses the default login route for the application. You can specify it at the tenant level so if no application login route is available it will send the user to the tenant’s default login route instead.


Let us know if you have any other questions down the road!

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