Unable to redirect user after resetting password

I’m trying to redirect the user to my site after they change their password from a “Password Change Request” email. Ideally I’d be able to put a button on this page that the user could use to return to the site after changing their password, but I’m willing to settle with the automatic redirect.

The issue is that despite including the URL of my application in the “Redirect To” field of “Change Password” template, nothing happens after the user resets their password.

I’ve changed the “Subject” of the “Change Password” template and can confirm that the page is affected by what I change. Is there a specific format the url needs to take? I am using the Universal Login

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The redirect after change password depends on which version of Universal Login you are using and how you are initiating the change password request. This doc indicates how that is determined: Password Change Redirects

It looks like you are using New Universal Login.

Thanks for the response. I eventually tried switching to Classic and then the redirect worked as expected.

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Sounds good! Thanks for the update.

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