Redirecting after password reset is not working on production

When user receive email change password, and after they change password, they aren’t redirected after change password.

We have three tenants (Dev, QA, Production), and we configure our “Change Password” email template, to have

Redirect To:
{{ application.callback_domain }}/login

And we have it configure it, in all environments correctly.

It is working in Dev and QA properly. But not on production.

I don’t have access to production, and I send the configuration to our infrastructure team, and they showed me with screenshots that the configuration is correct.

On production, after change password, the web page stay still on the tenant :…

While I was debugging, I notice that on Dev/QA which is working that the email of password change has url point to our tenant , with “reset” url
As follows

But on production, it is “reset-password” as follows:

Hi @gkarwchan,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you have having problems with redirect after password reset.

It sounds like your dev and QA tenants may be using Classic Universal Login and your prod tenant is using New Universal Login. Could that be the case?

This chart shows how to determine what setting to use for redirecting in each case.

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