Redirect after password reset - using New Universal Login


I have a custom Reset-Password set up using the New Universal Login Experience. The issue I am having is that the Redirect button doesn’t appear after a successful password reset. What I have set up is the following:

  1. Create a redirect ticket (link) with management API
  2. Send redirect link to user using a custome SendGrid email
  3. User opens the link and is direct to the password reset page.

Following this link, I set the redirection link that I want (which is the login link) in the “Tenant Login URI”, but still no button appears after a successful password reset.

Any idea what might be wrong?



I haven’t recently came upon such a situation so it may be hard to guess exactly what’s the root cause. Ideally, if you can create a test user and capture an HTTP trace (HAR) that shows the user accessing the reset password link and completing it this may allow for additional review.

However, have in mind that you should redact any sensitive information from the HAR before sharing it in a public forum.

As a guess I would make sure that you’re really using the new universal login experience for password reset; there reason to mention this is that if you enable the New experience toggle in the main page, but still have a customized password reset page the customization will take precedence and force classic for the password reset flow.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. So I believe the issue is in fact that we are using a customized password reset page, so the New Universal Login experience is overridden. In that case, how do I direct a user to the login page after a successful password reset?



For the classic universal login experience if you set a redirect to URL at the email template level ( that URL should be used when the user completes the reset.

You may need to make that URL dynamic based on the application (some hints about that in the link above) and then handle that URL in your system with another redirect to login.

I decided not to use an Auth0 email template and bypass it by the password-reset link directly through my own SendGrid email template. I create a link by making a password-change-ticket using management API. Is there a way to add the redirect functionality using the password-change-ticket?

Figured it out - need to set the “result_url” to the login url. Thanks!

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