Post Password Reset Ticket Redirection

We are trying to create an elegant method to conclude the signup / user set password process.

Currently a user is sent an invitation from our Job Server with a link that redirects them to a signup page on our server. They then complete their profile and another job is created. The job creates a user in Auth0 and sends them a password reset ticket in a customized email depending on their role in our application.

We have mistakenly migrated away from the Classic to the Universal Login. Obviously we can not assign a result_url with this workflow. (PLEASE PUT THIS FEATURE BACK IN!!!)

The problem we are having is upon their password being reset - the “Return to application” button is not displaying.

We have 6 applications and 3 connections under the one tennant. Thus we can not have a tennant wide login url. It simply won’t meet our needs. We do however have application login urls assigned and they are working if you reset your password from the login itself.

I have looked at the following posts:

I have also read this:

Is there a way to create a password reset ticket and assign an application login url? Or configure the settings so this works.

The important part is we need to customize the email on a user by user basic. A simple template is not going to cut it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @timothy.neill,

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Are you adding a client id with the password ticket request? Doing this will make the button redirect to the default login route of the corresponding application.


Many thanks for the quick response. It’s really appreciated.

Adding the Client Id has enabled the button with the appropriate redirect. However this raises another issue. The button text says “Return to Application Name”. In our instance - that application is actually a Job Server. It’s Name was never meant to be viewed by the public. It’s nothing that makes sense to an end user. Is there a way to override this button text.

Currently our applications simply use AUTH0_… env vars. They are not broken down by application to allow us to use common utilities. I am trying to avoid creating a kluge to get around this and setting a variable for this one ticket function.

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You can change it to whatever you’d like with the text customization API. Here is the doc for changing that prompt.

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