Using New Universal Login flow - Reset password page i.c.w. creating a ChangePassword ticket with resultUrl


We want to use the reset password page from the New Universal Login flow, but ran into a challenge. It works fine for all default flows where you have the initial login uri set up.

We have some situations where the Management Api is used to create a reset password ticket in combination with the resultUrl. In this situation the initialLoginUri is not set and the user will not see a the ‘continue’ button.

Is there a way to fix/around this?

Cheers! :v:

Hi @Jelle,

The tenant login URI setting determines this. Take a look at this FAQ that breaks it down:

If you would like to request another way, that can be done through our feedback page.

Hi @dan.woda,
Thanks for the reply. Working with a tenant login_uri would not make sense for us as we have more than 25 applications running per tenant.

Would be awesome if we could pass in a clientId when creating the passwordChangeTicket so the system could use the initial_login_uri for that specific application.

Will request this via the feedback page.

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Thanks for taking the time to do that!

If you just want to send a pw reset email, and don’t specifically need the ticket, you can use the password change endpoint which accepts a client_id and allows application-level redirects.

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Thanks, thats a good tip! Not sure on when I would need the ticket. Do you have an example usecase for me on when to use what strategy?

Have some clarity on the difference between the two. In our case using the authentication api would not suffice as we are sending the emails from a third party tool and also the rate limits are a problem :slight_smile: So back to the original request haha

Yes if you want to send your own emails, then the ticket is the method for that.

Thanks for entertaining the idea!

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