Redirect after password reset email

Need help understanding a problem we are having with password reset links that are generated with the API. We generate a password reset link after creating the user in Auth0 with the Auth0 API. User clicks on the link, they can reset the password, but is not redirected after.

If I create new user, but instead go to the login page and click, reset password. I will receive a password rest link. If I change the password with that link, redirect works. I’ve tested this a few times trying to debug the problem.

Hello there @eshea welcome to the community!

I assume you are using the new Universal Login experience? The short answer is that it depends on how you are generating the password reset email - If you are using the change password endpoint of the Authentication API, then you will need to make sure both that the Application Login URI is set for the relevant application and that the client_id is included in the request. The following FAQ goes over this scenario as well as others:

Hope this helps!

We are using new universal login.
We are providing the clientid to create the ticket:
var ticket =await client.Tickets.CreatePasswordChangeTicketAsync(new PasswordChangeTicketRequest { ClientId = _service.getClientId(), UserId = userCreationResult.UserId });

_service is the our service that provides settings.