Password Reset Redirect not working


I’ve been reviewing a few past posts, here:

I particularly appreciated Dan Woda’s flow chart.

I am using the new Universal Login, I have my Application Login URI set and I have also got the redirect_to in the reset email client set (although according to Dan’s flowchart this isn’t necessary).

I am still faced with the following:

I’ve tried multiple configurations and I’m not sure what I’m missing.

All help gratefully received :slight_smile:


Hi @dolearning,

Welcome to the Community!

Are you using the change password endpoint or requesting the reset from an application login page?

Hi Dan,

I’m doing this through the application login page:

This is the requesting password workflow:

This is the reset with no redirect or link:


Could you DM me a HAR recording of those transactions?

Thanks for addressing this topic. I was looking for the information regarding the same. Keep sharing the info, kudos.

No worries - I’ve sent my HAR to Dan, so I’ll shout out here if he resolves it.


It doesn’t look like you are using the new UL. Try adding a Redirect To in your email settings.

Hi Dan,

I do have redirect to in my email settings already.


Have you set up an email provider yet?

No - I’m using the Auth0 emails - do we need to have a 3rd party email provider to get this to work? I’m not sure I saw that in the docs but if that’s the case, then great!

You should set up a third party provider regardless. I am using the dev provider (the built in one) and it seems to be working for me, but email customization isn’t supported by the dev provider, so it could be causing the issue.

Hi Dan,

I’ve set up a 3rd party email provider, as you suggested, but I still am not able to redirect after the password has been reset.

The application is launched at to see it deployed.

I’d love your input and help.