Redirect after "Change password" doesn't work


I use Universal Login. As proposed in this thread (Redirect / result_url in change password ticket not working), I configured both:

  • Application Login URI in Applications > My application > Application URIs
  • Redirect To in Emails > Template > Change password

However, whenever a user resets her password, she stays stuck on the “Your password has been reset successfully” page.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @pierre.marcenac,

This usually stems from how you are requesting the password reset.

Can you share how you are requesting the password? Are you:

  • Using the management API ticket endpoint to generate a link
  • Using a ‘try’ button on your connection in the dashboard or from the universal login customization/preview page
  • Making the request from the hosted login page that you were directed too from your application

Also, are you using classic universal login or new universal login?

Answer those for me and we can narrow it down.


Hello @dan.woda,

  • This happens when I click the “Don’t remember your password?” button on the classic universal login page.

  • We use classic universal login page.

Thanks for your help,

Thanks for the additional information. Can you DM me your tenant name? Thanks.

Hello @dan.woda,

I DMed you my tenant name. Do you have any news on this?


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Apologies for the delay.

I don’t see a Redirect To in your password reset email template.

Can you confirm that it is filled out and saved?

In Email > Template > Template = Change password, I did set a Redirect To URL back to my application. However when I receive the email and click the link, I remain on the success page without redirection (see screenshot).

Where else should I fill it out?


The Redirect To field was filled on my side but apparently not fully saved. I changed it slightly and saved again and it’s now working. Thanks for your help!

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Glad you were able to figure it out

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